Erik was born and raised on the eclectic Lower East Side of New York City. His earliest artistic influences were the garbage dump sculpture gardens that sporadically cropped up along the streets surrounding his home. From these early “still lifes” he learned that anything, even rusty old discarded trash can be fashioned into something visually stimulating.

Today as a professional photographer, Erik is passionate about making the mundane shine and the interesting glow. His clients’ report that working with him is an easy, positive and rewarding experience that is not about ego or self-promotion. For Erik the most important thing at the end of the day is his client’s satisfaction coupled with artistic excellence.

While earning a BA, Erik studied photography from highly regarded photographer Phyllis Gelmbo whose recent works include Dressed for thrills, 100 years of Halloween/ masquerade costume, Vodou: Visions and voice of Haiti, Manifestions of the Spirits, and whose works have been exhibited at places such as Sepia/ The Alkazai Collection, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and American Museum of Natural History.

Erik graduated from the State University at Albany with a BA and then spent a year studying photography with well known commercial photographer Mark McCarty. McCarty is well known and highly regarded by for his work for clients such as General Electric, Spalding inc., Kodak, Wise Foods inc., Finch Pruyn Paper Company, and International Paper Company.

Erik then spent a year in Northern Israel studying mystical and traditional Judaism and working as an artist.

His photojournalistic work has appeared on BBC World News, CBS 60 Minutes II, the PBS film A Tale of Two Towers, and at Here is New York (both gallery and film). His photographic art has been exhibited by the University at Albany Art Museum, Westbeth Gallery, Gallery 313, Matzo Files and Gallery P.S.122.